Wednesday, October 5, 2016 ❣

Let's talk about me!

Did you see what just happened? What happened in/to September? It feels like only yesterday when it was the beginning of that month, how did time manage to fly by without me realizing? I have skipped yet another month this year, no post, nothing. I'm a little disappointed as I once told myself that I should/would post at least once a month. Where's that promise go? Down the drain eunice, down the drain.

Aloha amigos!
So, in case you're still interested in the stuffs I write or maybe you're interested in my life (whut eww). I'll just cut everything short (very short in fact) and bring you guys up to speed!

I am officially done with the semester. As of now, I am a year 4 chemical engineering student! Nothing to celebrate about la cos... still got one more year -_- Results for the semester aren't out yet, so let's wait and prepare to be devastated for that.

After my finals, I went to Ipoh with my family and Jerry for a short getaway. It was also our first time using Airbnb. It was a pleasant experience!

I got my braces done midway through finals! Hooray for that! Everyone asked me why did I decided to do it at this age. But the thing is, I have always wanted to get braces, even since secondary school. I only decided that I will get them back in 2012. The only problem was that I didn't have any extra funds for this procedure. I promised myself that I would start saving up since then just to get that perfect smile!

And guess what?! I did not manage to save enough but who the hell cares?? Okay I'm just kidding. Of course I manage to save up, but also because the place I'm getting my braces done isn't that expensive cos it's where?? Where??? It's at MAHSA University. Not expensive but also not cheap ah. So that's an achievement for the year.

I also can't smile really properly with this installed. 

I celebrated my birthday just a couple days ago. It wasn't a big celebration. I just have friends that enjoys making a big deal out of my birthday. I mean, it's just a birth day. So, we went to a place to enjoy good music (me singing), delicious cake (thanks sandy) and great photos (thanks friends). It was a nostalgic event for me because I haven't seen Daniel in so long. Yaz, I miss you.

Before that day, I also went for a birthday lunch with two of my closest uni friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Where where where to find such loving friends??? No where. The universe has to love you enough to bestow such prosperity upon your life. Or god, whichever you prefer.

I also went to a vegeterian Thai restaurant for dinner with my family to celebrated the day. It was great! But as you know, every years seems to be the same. Why? Because of the excessive unnecessary cake intake. Yeap.

Like I mentioned before on this blog, I'm not gonna tell you my age because I'll be forever 21. But today's a great day and I'm feeling spiffin today. So there you go...

Shhhh... Don't tell anyone!

And here I am now, wasn't that fast? The month of October is also the month I officially start my internship at an engineering company (cannot tell you which one la secret). Today's only the second day so... I haven't had much to do yet. I hope by the end of the 3 months here, I will be able to find myself and find what my interest and where capabilities are leveled at. And maybe can help me a bit with my FYP T_T 

Thank you so much for reading! I have a fair bit of videos I have been wanting to post onto my youtube channel but I haven't really got around to editing them yet (booo). I'll keep you posted??? I have funny Instagram stories, come watch and follow. Good bye! Take care and I'll be back!

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


  1. I always get so happy whenever you update hahaha like yasss.

  2. hahaha like your rolling eyes gif! so cute!
    Girls doing chemical engineering? wow!
    All the best in your internship!

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    1. Thank you so much for you wishes! Hahaha!
      Yes yes, I'm doing chemical engineering. 1 more year to graduation!


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤