Saturday, March 25, 2017 ❣

Food for stress relief.

Hey there people!
I am so bad at time management, especially more at this semester in my final year where I have to juggle all the assignments, studies, FYP and not to mention work as well. I can only imagine the yet-to-come work life stress after I graduate. I spent the whole of CNY goofing around, wasting time, and now, all I'm left with is regret because I have to rush for everything! Hahaha. Funny not funny.

I didn't used to believe in any form of stress relief because I always thought why do you want to waste precious time for stress relief when you can use that time to be more productive? Am I right or am I right? Faster gao dim your shiz then only go stress relief lah! Don't waste time!

But the other day, I was on my f-this-shit mode with my FYP and just spontaneously decide to go out for something sweet. It was a short trip to IOI City Mall, a little over an hour or so. We waltz into WonderMilk. Your eyes are now going to be blessed (and tormented at the same time) by the following yummy food...

These aren't exactly healthy stress relief food and neither are they all from WonderMilk, they are actually a compilation of all the desserts I had throughout the week. After getting out of the house for even a short one hour, my productivity increased so so much when I came back to continue my work. I'm not exaggerating. The amount of sugar I had that NIGHT was crazy, which brings me to my next point. Exercising and sweating it all out also relieves stress for me and increases productivity! Really really not joking.

There was one night where I was furious at something (or was it someone) for no apparent reason. I felt that I was being unreasonably angry, so I decided to go to the gym. I tracked 6 km that night and came home ticking at least 2 things off my to-do list. I was amaze.

So I guess, taking some time off your busy work schedule for any form of relief does boost your productivity levels. And it is certainly better than working long hours with only little productivity. Right?

See you soon, kids!

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