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Getting a Beautiful Instagram Feed!

Hello there, beautiful creatures of the earth!
Who am I kidding? I should be last person people would go to for Instagram feed advice. Hahaha! I'm just gonna start throwing pebbles here because although I don't have a good Instagram feed on my profile, I do have a nice looking food hashtag (if I do say so myself :P)

On a side note, it is already week 14 for the semester and finals begins next week! I also have two presentations this week, one for my FYP and the other for Plant Design. Wish me luck in my final year!

1) Hashtag yo' shit!

I'm guessing that's already the first tip? (Ahem, from an Instagram noob) If you can't commit to a single-themed feed (eg. food or travel) on your profile, GET MULTIPLE THEMED HASHTAGS of your own!

I know it may seem a little pretentious, but what else can you do when everyone around you is getting such a beautiful themed feed? #totesamazing For example, I don't even have a theme for my ig but I do have a hashtag for my food photos and they look great all together! Start with food because it is the easiest to arrange and to capture on photo.

2) Don't be afraid to experiment with colours

There used to be a trend for classy monochromatic feed with photos of coffee art and artistic paintings hung on white walls. However, times are changing and it is indeed a great time to be experimenting with colours! The more the merrier. You don't necessarily have to have all the colours of your photos lined the same way. Being different is fine too. As long as your photos aren't pixelated which brings me to my next point.

3) Quality brings quantity!

If you think you look good but the photo is of very pixelated quality, can it! Blurred is fine, but definitely not noised and pixelated! There has to be a balance between sharpening and softening.

4) Use Instagram draft to compare photo side by side!

Instagram draft is definitely one of the greatest creation from IG, next to the IG scroll function. You not only get to save the photos you've recently edited, you can also use the 3 by 3 layout in the 'manage' function to draft and plan out what your next few photos will look like to your current ones!

5) Have fun!

Instagram has transformed into a platform to flaunt as well as make others feel sad about their own feed over the years, so sometimes a little originality or glitch goes a long way!

Hope this helps!
See you soon, kids!

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