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#GETACTIVE with Watsons VIP Card

Hear ye, hear ye!
How often do you ask yourselves these questions; how healthy are you? Do you consume all the nutrients necessary for your body to function? Do you drink enough water to reach the minimum liter count a day? How regularly do you exercise? Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Yesterday was World Health Day and what more of a better way to commemorate it than to celebrate it at Watsons' #GETACTIVE official launching event! Watsons has been the leading drugstore brand in Asia Pacific for the 8th year running since 2009! I was so excited to have been invited to the launch because Watsons is definitely my go-to health and beauty shopping haven.

This was one of the activities at the launch. Cycling for juice! This is me trying to #GETACTIVE by setting my goals on freshly blended watermelon juice! *I actually cycled twice cos I couldn't get enough of it hahaha!

To familiarize ourselves with #GETACTIVE, it is a health initiative to all of Watsons' key business partners, merchant partners as well as the members of the media. The main objective of the newly launched campaign is to popularize healthy living as well as recognizing Watsons as an ideal health and beauty shopping place.

General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh stated "Watsons Malaysia is once again setting its foot ahead with this health campaign. With the support of our key business partners and through the extensive loyalty programme with our customers, we hope this campaign will inject the healthy living in everyone."

There were all sorts of fitness challenges,activities as well as nutritious foods and snacks all lined up for all the invited business partners, merchant partners & members of the media during the event.

Treats by Watsons! *It always feels great to drink special water. Ahhh

NH NutriGrains, instant healthy drink sold exclusively at Watsons! 

Aside from the juice cycling, there were also other activities during the launch. 
How many squats can you do in 1 minute?

And how many jabs can you throw in 1 minute?
Can you take a wild guess who's the beautiful strong lady doing the crazy pushup challenge?!
Continue reading to find out!!

At the launch, Watsons also revealed some of the #GETACTIVE ambassadors and face of the campaign such as Ann Osman, Lenna Lim, Kit Mah and Mark O'dea. During the launch, the ambassadors each shared valuable personal advice on healthy diet and exercise to the public.

Lenna Lim (Actress and budding cyclist)
"With my demanding schedule as an actress, I always make it a point to spend my time for exercise. And my hobby is cycling which I do regularly every week, and this is the best way for me to maintain my fitness and at the same time have a peace of mind as it gives me relaxation."

Ann Osman (Malaysia's first female pro MMA fighter)
"In this sport which is predominantly known to be aggressive and man dominated, it is a motivation for me to go one step further by working hard and to be dedicated. Ideally, it is the same discipline you need to lead a healthy lifestyle with balanced died and exercise."

Kit Mah (Fitness influencer)
"There should be no excuse when it comes to exercise and having a healthy diet because your body needs to be loved by yourself. Hence, we should find time to exercise and not giving excuses while taking the extra mileage to have decent healthy diet."

Mark O'dea (Sports commentator)
"To get active, one must ensure that participating in active activities do god not only for the physical but also the mental and spiritual. By doing so, you are giving yourself a rewarding health."
Aside from that, Watsons Malaysia's Customer Director Danny Hoh also revealed that the ambassadors will each be leading an activity together with Watsons VIP Members in conjunction to inculcate the active lifestyle to the public (GOOD NEWS FOR YOU :p). These fun activities include:- 
  1. Cycling with Lenna Lim on 6th of May
  2. Boot camp with Kit Mah on 1st of July
  3. Self-defense class with Ann Osman on 26th of August
  4. Futsal with Mark O'dea on 30th of September
Can't wait to finally meet the ambassadors? 
Sign up for a Watsons VIP card today!

Ann Osman getting the public pumped basic self-defense moves.
Did you get it? It was Ann doing the crazy pushups! Respect OMG!

 Omg Yes! I got a selfie with her!

Everything was just 10 times more enjoyable with these girls! Sherynn and Raine :P

Apart from meeting the superstars, new Watsons VIP Card signups can look forward to RM300 worth of Watsons vouchers, 500 VIP Points upon activation and RM5000 worth of health club, dining, travel and beauty lifestyle reward vouchers. Some of Watsons VIP Card benefits include:-
  1. Lifetime membership
  2. Great deals at over 1000 #watsonsrewards merchant location
  3. Earn 1 point for ever RM1 spent
  4. Pay by point; 200 points for RM1
  5. 2X Points on all Watsons Brand products
  6. 5X Points on Birthday month
  7. 5X Points when paying with Watsons VIP Card
  8. Exclusive discounts on health products
Eager to know more? 

Watsons' participating merchants are all listed behind me!

For more information on #GETACTIVE, do visit
For further information on the all new Watsons VIP Card, do visit

See you soon, kids!


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