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Shogun Premier Card offering RM28 buffet on 8excite?!

Hello, new youtube video alert! Hey, it's been a while! Not really hahahaha. I think this is the most number of posts I've written in a month for the longest longest time. Anyway, I went to Shogun with Euwern the other day. It wasn't any celebrative occasion. It was just another ordinary day. However, it was sort of a great day because we didn't spend much on our food! It's only... wait for it...

UTAR Study Tour Soka University, Tokyo

Hey! So, here's a post that's long overdue... After long contemplation, I have finally decided how I should blog about my half-month trip to Tokyo, Japan. But before I go on any further, I'd like you guys to make yourself comfortable and maybe go brew yourself a nice hot cup of Joe before starting on this. I'd like to point out that I am indeed very proud of myself for still insisting on writing this out even though I'm pretty sure I've forgotten most of the details. But, I'll do my best!
Well guys, hold on to your hats. This is gonna be a lengthy post! We spent over RM700 per person just on transport alone!
Anyway, so here's my proposition on blogging about my trip to Japan. In this post, I will be writing mainly about my experience during the study tour programme in Soka University. Because in anyway, this is the main reason why I get to see and experience Japan in a completely different perspective and also get to go to so many different places while…

UTAR Ball 2017 - My final dance as a university student

Here's a little story for you guys... So I'm graduating in September this year. To me, that means no more lazy days, no more complaining about assignments, no more waking up late and giving no fs about being late to class, no more having lunch with a bunch of crazy-carefree people, no more getting away without paying a fine just by saying "I masih student la" and all that other secret student life benefits. This was it. In another 2 more months, I will never be able to live the way I am living anymore. And you know what? I'm really sad about it. It's like leaving high school all over again.
You'd think that after dwelling in this university so treacherously for the past 5 years (including pre-u), trying extremely hard just to get a second upper for your engineering degree that you'd maybe, just maybe wanted to leave this hell hole a little more than others, right? Think again. Clearly from the first year to the third, all I wanted to do was to graduat…

My little foodventure with 8excite!

Greetings everyone! Good day to you from Queen RBF! Sorry, I just had to put this photo as the cover cos I just felt like my face hasn't been seen on this blog for a while now hehehehehe. No one can save me from this serious RBF syndrome I seem to be diagnosed with since birth.

I went on a little foodventure with my 8excite app the other day. After blogging about the app, I have purchased so many deals (omg bye money). So, I bought a 48% discount voucher for Paddington House of Pancakes and finally decided that it was the perfect time to use it. Well, I actually planned to go on Sunday, which was actually the first day of Raya. I completely spaced, I ended up waking up early to go to The Curve thinking to myself 'Ohh yeahhh, time for some good food'.
Unfortunately, I was greeted with a... Sorry, we are closed.