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UTAR Ball 2017 - My final dance as a university student

Here's a little story for you guys...

So I'm graduating in September this year. To me, that means no more lazy days, no more complaining about assignments, no more waking up late and giving no fs about being late to class, no more having lunch with a bunch of crazy-carefree people, no more getting away without paying a fine just by saying "I masih student la" and all that other secret student life benefits. This was it. In another 2 more months, I will never be able to live the way I am living anymore. And you know what? I'm really sad about it. It's like leaving high school all over again.

You'd think that after dwelling in this university so treacherously for the past 5 years (including pre-u), trying extremely hard just to get a second upper for your engineering degree that you'd maybe, just maybe wanted to leave this hell hole a little more than others, right? Think again. Clearly from the first year to the third, all I wanted to do was to graduate. But as the line draws nearer, I kinda want to dwell in this hell hole a little longer. I am definitely not ready to leave this all behind, at all.

I guess I wasn't the only one who felt that way about it. When my friend, Joey suggested that we attend this year's UTAR Ball together, I was literally screaming on the top of my lungs, silently deep within. I mean, we have to do something together before we end out uni life, right?

It was a masquerade ball. Everyone had to put on their masks, walk around and pretend like it wasn't getting in the way of anything (which it clearly was). The event was held at Genting International Convention Centre (GICC). 

The lot of us quickly got ourselves registered, especially after overhearing that they only allowed 50 participants from Sg Long campus to join. It sounds crazy but I guess it isn't? It was organized by UTAR Kampar students so yeah. But guess what? 3 weeks before the night of the ball, that very same friend of mine suggested that since it was our last UTAR event together, we (girls) should perform on stage as a surprise for the rest of our partners and course mate. Cos who could've guessed it anyway? So we gathered 7 girls from our engineering faculty and named our group 'Surprise'.

These are the other 6 girls that went all YOLO with me and decided to name ourselves SURPRISE.
From the left: Jia, Eunice, Joey, Nicole, Jasmine, Lois and Vivien.

We took this photo just before we went on stage. We were all shivering because...
1. It is Genting, it was cold af.
2. We were so god damn nervous

But we tried to smile it out!

We had only 3 weeks to choreograph and learn a dance that most of us undoubtedly did not have the dancing bone for. 3 weeks!! But thankfully it wasn't mid semester yet. The 7 of us got together and end up enjoying each other's company every other night, once strangers, eventually girlfriends. I was so happy.

Aside from the fun dancing activities together, we also shared another very funny common thing. KEEPING IT A SECRET. Oh my god, it is almost close to impossible to keeping it a secret. I accidentally spilled the beans countless times. The funny part was actually the stories we made up trying to cover up after accidentally talking about the performance to our friends and partners. For example, Joey and Lois accidentally told their partner and friends about how TIRED they were preparing for the performance. Hahahaha, how to cover up? Simply make up stories loh ahhahaa.

Good thing Jerry wasn't the brightest at these kind of things. He doesn't usually speculate or suspect so I was good! Hahahaha. Although the stories I made up for him weren't the smartest. Since we had to stay in uni to practice till late at night most of the times, he usually asks me 'Why so late only go home wo?', I'd be like 'Errrhhh, doing assignment with Joey'. But after a couple weeks, he asked 'Assignment do so many weeks still haven't finish?'.


And there I go with another story about Joey wanted to do something for her boyfriend and needed my help hahahaha. The more he asks each night, the most stupid stories I made up. Lucky for me, he didn't think much about my stupid made-up answers and stories.

We didn't do a super amazing performance, most of us perform and did much better during our practice sessions. Maybe because we were all very nervous. We didn't put on a very good show as a team, but it was definitely a memory precious enough to be with us till we grow old.

That's us in our gowns. Girls of LKC Faculty of Engineering and Science!
From left: Vivien, Lois, Nicole, Joey, Jia, Jasmine, Eunice, Sylvia & Jun.

I couldn't decide what to do with my hair that night because I had to hastily squeeze my body into my evening gown right after our performance. I couldn't be setting and curling my hair then now, can I? I had to plan out a hair-do that could work for both our dance as well as to go with my dress. Oh. And also an eye makeup and works both ways. So this was what I went with; a high pony-tail with this winged glittery eye makeup with heap loads of setting spray. This is actually my first time doing this eye makeup! Maybe I'll do a Youtube video tutorial on it soon.

I'm wearing Silkon's pink contacts. The day before our performance, I went a little crazy at Leisure Mall and bought 4 pairs of coloured contacts. I can't even breathe as soon as I walked out of the optics cos I have no idea why I even bought so many wth.

I really would want to thank her for still sticking around in my life since 2009. It has a decade since we've known each other and has been 8 years since we decided to super-glue to each other. When she enrolled into UTAR for her QS course, I was already into my second year in the university. 

We made a pinky-promise to each other during MAD Talent Night 2015 (the first event ever to be held in Sg Long campus). We promised each other that we MUST perform in UTAR together before we graduate. This is already my final semester here in the university, I will be graduating this year. Thank you for keeping our promise! 

We did it!

I'm so proud of us!

These photos were taken backstage of GICC in their dressing room. The lighting there was amazing! So Joey was one of the top 3 finalist for Prom Queen, we bought this crown for her.



Now I would like to spam some photos of myself before I resume.

I got myself and off-shoulder high slit dress that I (to your surprise) got from Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid for only... wait for it... RM 179 (wtf?). 

Pearl bracelet - From mom's antique collection of pearl accessories lol
Gold hoop dangling earrings - Also from mom's antique collection of gold stuffs
Gold cuff hair band - Which is actually just another gold bracelet from mom's antique collection
Gold choker necklace - Ok I actually bought this myself from Lovisa for RM 53 (wtf kill me its so expensive)

Come on, just take a look at that cheap high quality dress.

From the left: Lois, Nicole, Jia, Eunice, Sylvia, Jasmine

 From the left: Vivien, Lois, Nicole, Joey, Jia, Jasmine, Eunice, Sylvia & Jun

Here's my date for the night! I hoped you had a great night as well!

 And my girl Jun! :)

Here's our little prom queen finalist, Joey! She didn't win the prom queen title but she will always be a queen in our hearts.Thank you so much for making this happen for me. If it wasn't for you, I would've graduated without having fulfill my promise to perform at least once in UTAR. No doubt, you are loved by everyone around you and everyone in your life will continue to support everything that you choose to do in life.

Here's a video of our dance. Don't cringe don't laugh! hahahaha

Everything ended splendidly. We danced and talked the night away with each other and our partners. All I could've hoped for was that maybe there could've been a more even distribution of Kampar and Sg Long students. Cos to me, the whole event was a little skewed to the Kampar side. Okay so they were the organizing committee. Still, I would've hoped they could at least allowed more students from Sg Long to participate. Nonetheless, everything was peachy.

There's actually another thing I would want to talk about before graduating. 

It is taking the guts to go on a study tour in Soka University, Japan. But obviously that'll be left for another post (i'm getting right on it, I swear). I've been back from Japan since one and a half month ago and I still have yet to draft that post. We can always go on vacation to cities and countries we can only dream of. But what we can never do is relive the experience we can get as a university student. I got to experience Japan as a student and not a tourist. I get to do things that Japanese students do. I am very grateful for that. Want to know more? Wait for my post loh hahahahahha

Till then, my friends!



  1. Enjoy your remaining days in Uni! 'cause trust me, I'm missing mine alrd and I regret whining about waking up for morning classes or the "workload" in uni. T___T

    1. I have less than 8 more weeks here T_T Then it's goodbye care-free life!


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