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The 14 day quarantine after arriving KLIA

Upon my arrival to KLIA from Singapore, I was directed to different stations, starting off with the covid-19 swab test. It really wasn't a pleasant feeling having something that long up your nostril. I gagged and started coughing involuntarily. After watching so many videos, I was expecting them to collect the samples from both my nostrils. But it was one mouth swab and only one nostril swab. Both were equally horrible.
The authorities did the headcount and after all the formalities, we were brought up the bus to then be transported to a designated quarantine center. We were not informed before hand on where the bus was going. It felt like I was being kidnapped by the government hahaha.
It was a real crazy experience. Throughout the entire journey, all I could think of was 'the chances of me getting the virus here is very high' hahaha. I may come back covid free but who knows where everyone else in this quarantine red zone is from.

I had to pay RM140 per day for 14 days for t…

Pasar Malam After COVID-19

With the pandemic going on, the memory of what once used to be normal to us, can be chucked deep within your store room together with all your other junk. Because with covid-19 still out and about, this is the new normal we gotta live with.

We were on our way out to dinner one day and my brother suggested that since I'm home, we should go to pasar malam nearby. I haven't been home in 7 months, I miss everything about home, I miss everything about KL.
If you didn't know, the idea of a 'pasar malam' in Singapore is quite different when you're used to the pasar malam here. Most (if not all) pasar malam in Singapore are shaded under big tents with carpeted floor, stand fans everywhere and also wooden benches with tables for you to dine at. And they do not happen on a weekly basis like in KL, they are usually scheduled for short periods and then it will be gone before you know it. Its basically like Artbox in KL, or like an event space.
The pasar malam I know and love …

We tried Hoya Korean BBQ

Here's me trying to salvage whatever photos I can from my IG stories. I didn't take any photos, so here are some that I managed to screenshot out of our videos, haha.

I went to Hoya Korean BBQ with only the thought of 'having dinner' in mind. When I got home, I thought that I could share about this place. Also, to kick start my habit of writing here again. Yeah, so my sister has been raving about this place to me. Mainly because she was just so happy that there's a korean BBQ restaurant in Equine Park, nearby our house. And she's afraid that if she doesn't support them and especially during this pandemic, they may have to close down.
That's not exactly something Euwern can stand for. So, she made it a thing to support them once every month. Haha, when I came home, naturally we cleared out an evening to have dinner there. It was us 5 girls, my two sisters and my two best friends.
The first thing I saw when I got in was this very nice Soju bottle christmas tr…

What Feels?

Sometimes, I sit down and wonder if I'm at the stage of my life where I expected to be years ago. To say the least, I am no where close to where I expected to be 10 years ago. Then again, I was 16 and the only relevant portrayal of a future is based on my mom's experience. She got married at 26 and had all of us & a wonderful life began. 
Which brought me to always imagining myself with a loving husband, an amazing career, a house, some high returning investments and two kids while pregnant with the third at the age I'm at right now.
But of course, we grow, we change and we all tend to skew our goals and initiatives over the years. So again, am I satisfied with where I'm at, just by looking from two years back?
I guess I could do better. I feel like I'm still not on the verge of 'giving it my all' to be where I'm at right now. But not to undermine my own hardwork, I do feel that I have achieved a significant amount of recognition and success at this st…

My Blog 10 Years Ago.

A lot of photos and post from the past has been corrupted & reverted to drafts. It's a little unfortunate but oh well. While rummaging through some stuff, i managed to find a screen shot of how this website used to look like 10 years ago, take a look at the time stamp. It was actually a screen shot from MinYuan's blog and I can't believe it's still there. I miss how blogs used to be simple and easy. No ads, nothing fabricated, everything just real and sometimes a little tmi, to be honest. Haha. 

Melbourne Outskirts/Suburbs Travelogue

This video marks the end of a wonderful trip to Melbourne, Australia. In this video, we went to the outskirts / suburbs instead of the busy busy Melbourne City. It was so nice to see so much sky & minimal high-rise buildings. The air was fresh & not to mention it went all the way down to 10 degree Celsius when we were in Mornington. *which to our unfortunate displeasure, we were definitely not prepared for in terms of wardrobe selection* But it was really an experience to go to a hot spring in this weather.
Hope that the next time I visit Australia, I could go to either Warner Bros Movie World again or Dreamworld. Or I could settle for Sydney as well, whatever comes easy. Hahaha. See ya!

Great Ocean Road & The Editing Process

Hey, so here is yet another vlog of my trip to Melbourne. We are 60% in, one more video to go and we will be done. This time I had my sis edit this vlog for me. The initial plan was to have the whole Melbourne trip be edited by her. So even when I recording during the trip, the footage were already shot & set for Euwern. Hahaha which seems ridiculous I guess. Eventually, she got really busy with school, so I decided to edit the first out of three vlogs myself, which was the one for CBD.
After I got back from the trip, I did the sorting on all the videos because how else is she supposed to know where is where. The next problem I had was to find a proper way to transfer all videos to her. We tried Google Drive and everything else but it was just too troublesome because there were too many things! In the end, I loaded everything into a USB flash drive and brought it back to KL. Hahahha, smart right. I didn't flew back just for this USB ok, it was just a coincident that I happen to…

Things To Do in CBD Melbourne, Australia

I went to Melbourne, Australia last October!Yes, it took that long to get things edited and done. I still have a couple more videos on my trip to Australia to be edited and posted. this is basically just what we did in the Central Business District. We also went to Great Ocean Road, Mornington, Brighton Beach, St Kilda Beach & Werribee and many many more. So, we'll see how long it takes for me to edit that. Hopefully not another 6 months yeah.

In this current video though, here are the places we went to:
1. Flinders Street Railway Station
2. Walker's Doughnuts
3. Pidapipó Gelateria
4. Hosier Lane - Graffiti Street Art
5. ACDC Lane - Graffiti Street Art
6. Il Tempo
7. City Edge (Stay)
8. Chinatown
9. Crown Casino
10. South Melbourne Market
11. Dodee Paidang Thai Bar & Cafe
12. Royal Arcade
13. Dan Murphy's
14. Brunetti Flinders Street
15. Victoria State LibraryToodles!