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Things To Do in CBD Melbourne, Australia

I went to Melbourne, Australia last October!Yes, it took that long to get things edited and done. I still have a couple more videos on my trip to Australia to be edited and posted. this is basically just what we did in the Central Business District. We also went to Great Ocean Road, Mornington, Brighton Beach, St Kilda Beach & Werribee and many many more. So, we'll see how long it takes for me to edit that. Hopefully not another 6 months yeah.

In this current video though, here are the places we went to:
1. Flinders Street Railway Station
2. Walker's Doughnuts
3. Pidapipó Gelateria
4. Hosier Lane - Graffiti Street Art
5. ACDC Lane - Graffiti Street Art
6. Il Tempo
7. City Edge (Stay)
8. Chinatown
9. Crown Casino
10. South Melbourne Market
11. Dodee Paidang Thai Bar & Cafe
12. Royal Arcade
13. Dan Murphy's
14. Brunetti Flinders Street
15. Victoria State LibraryToodles!