Thursday, May 14, 2020 ❣

Great Ocean Road & The Video Editing Process

Hey, so here is yet another vlog of my trip to Melbourne. We are 60% in, one more video to go and we will be done. This time I had my sis edit this vlog for me. The initial plan was to have the whole Melbourne trip be edited by her. So even when I recording during the trip, the footage were already shot & set for Euwern. Hahaha which seems ridiculous I guess. Eventually, she got really busy with school, so I decided to edit the first out of three vlogs myself, which was the one for CBD.

After I got back from the trip, I did the sorting on all the videos because how else is she supposed to know where is where. The next problem I had was to find a proper way to transfer all videos to her. We tried Google Drive and everything else but it was just too troublesome because there were too many things! In the end, I loaded everything into a USB flash drive and brought it back to KL. Hahahha, smart right. I didn't flew back just for this USB ok, it was just a coincident that I happen to go back at that time. 

This is how the folders looked like.

I know it looks ridiculous. But what's more ridiculous is me sitting there sorting out everything. Hahaha, I had a dilemma okay, I initially did not know how I wanted my vlog to flow. Whether I wanted it to flow day-by-day or by locations. In the end, I figured that since we did went back and forth from CBD, it would be very confusing if I did it day-by-day. So categorize everything by locations. Which is essentially easier for Euwern if she was going to edit.

I told her I would prefer like a montage style instead of chatty vlogs. However she begged to differ cos she said we were too funny to mute and cut out. 

Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤