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Hello earthlings!
Fancy meeting you on this page :)

My big beautiful name is as stated in my blog url, that's GOH EU-NICE! I used to ask my parents very often; why did they have to separate 'Eunice' into two parts. I lived a long life of people (teachers especially) calling me YOU NICE, which will then come along with the typical lame 'OH YOU ARE SO NICE' joke. Anyway, my parents told me that Chinese usually have a three syllable name like Tan Ah Mei, which is why they split the typical Eunice apart with a hyphen.

I used to find the hyphen rather annoying and troublesome when I was younger. So, I always wrote my name as Goh Eunice, just to prevent others from pronouncing it wrong. As the time goes by, I eventually became lazier and I ended up writing my name as Goheunice. Which was when this blog was born, back in good-old 2007.

That was two paragraphs just talking about my name. 
Oh and I guess I also did mentioned I was Chinese hahahaha!

Let's turn this into a point form kind of thing because I can tell that you're already dozing off...

  • I won't tell you what year I was born in because I believe that I will stay forever 21! 
  • I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • I am a final year Chemical Engineering undergrad in UTAR.
  • I studied in a Chinese primary school (Tsun Jin) up until I was 12, so my mandarin reading and writing skills stopped a couple years after that. However, I do converse with most of my friends in mandarin which makes my conversational mandarin great (Malaysian style, har har har).
  • I can speak English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese and a little bit of Hakka. I can read(?) in French and simple Japanese (but reading doesn't exactly mean understanding), hahahaha!
  • This is very disgraceful but I am Hokkien but can't speak the language T_T
  • I am one of the many that studies full time and work part time. I tutor sec school students.
  • I am a sucker for anything with houndstooth printings cos I'm crazy like that.
  • I am not a gym junkie but I love my cardio days.
  • I am a half-marathoner. See? Forever 21! 
  • I am a shopaholic and I always eat at least 3 meals a day.
  • I love Disney Princesses, Once Upon a TIme, The Big Band Theory, Dr Ken, Fresh Off The Boat Harry Potter, The Divergent Trilogy, XiaXue, Zoella and Miley Cyrus.
  • I am not a believer. I especially don't believe star signs and horoscopes. As quoted from Sheldon Cooper - it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality. - Yeah, nope.
  • As for Chinese believes, I just... can't keep up with them. I usually don't know that I am doing something very 'pantang' and wrong/bad until someone tells me, after seeing me do it. 
  • I don't have much, so I tend to improvise a lot.
  • I used to blog and reblog about Big Bang and 2NE1 a lot back in the days, which is why my blog had so much traffic in the first place.
  • I am a massively conventional girly-girl that likes all kinds of girly stuff.
  • I love pink, Hello kitty, fluffy and furry stuffs which makes buying gifts for me hardly every challenging.

I write mostly about my experiences in life about places, food, people and occasionally reviews on products that catches my eye. I'm guessing that's all I can squeeze in here. I hope that I'll update this space anytime I think of something better or more to write. Till then my furry little friends!

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